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          Wall paper cost advantage

          2011-08-30 21:41:53 Tip:

          With the development of science and technology, people's requirements for material also has a great deal of change, more people better, the pursuit of personalized. Especially in the era of low-carbon, home, home improvement, fundamental changes have taken place, out of "white" and "paint" these chemicals (formaldehyde) decoration, change wallpaper, wall coverings, porcelain, wood into a painting. To meet this requirement, we launched personalized wallpaper and wall coverings. Environmentally friendly and fashionable concept of home, these problems will not only meet the requirements of customers of different color, pattern, or you can directly print simulation of oil painting, Chinese painting, for home decoration, public places, the decoration of the hotel provides a low cost, and low carbon good material. In other words: you can see the graphic or pattern, as long as you want to put this image into wallpaper in the home, we can do for you, and only needs a short period of time, the wallpaper you need can be put in front of you. Fully realize "personalized wallpaper customized" concept. Personalized wallpaper is an extension of traditional wallpaper products, its decorative features besides the traditional high-end wallpaper, more personalized fitting into them and makes you noble and elegant decoration, unique style and distinctive. Its excellent environmental quality, color, texture, and simple construction. Also according to the customer's needs (picture, texture, size) customized. We have thousands of pictures of various styles for your choice. Personalized wallpaper gives you a different environment, personalized wallpaper products are compatible with the overall design, can be widely used in a variety of environments: 1Family: living room, bedroom, children's room, study room, porch, ceiling; production of TV background wall, background walls, the sofa bed, bedroom wall art, study, cultural and walls, entrance patterned surface decoration, ceiling decoration, furniture and so on. 2, hotels: decorative murals in the lobby, hallway mural room TV background wall background, ceiling decoration, room the bed; the Chamber rostrum Chamber decorated the walls, wallpaper; in hotel ballrooms, restaurants, bars, leisure clubs and other places of wall and ceiling decoration. 3, Hall: various places for public exhibition, exhibition of Mural Art Gallery, art gallery, Planetarium, Aquarium, children's activity center, cultural centers and other places of the wall and ceiling decorations. 4, entertainment: restaurants, bars, nightclubs, health and leisure a variety of entertainment, such as wall and ceiling decorations. 5, others: all kinds of personalized wallpaper decorations places needs to be done. Our standard is: customer satisfied completely; our approach is: time from the user's point of constantly looking for their products less than our slogan is: continuous development to benefit society; our keywords are: quality innovation efficiency, clean and harmonious and comfortable