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          "Rich" the 2015 Edition of the Potter

          2015-08-05 09:33:06 Tip:
          Of the Potter
          Scientific and technological innovation, thepursuit of endless! Grandway wallpaper continuethe original design over the yearstechnological innovation product developmentphilosophy, new improved modified conventionalcylinder flocking process, cooperation withforeign top designers to develop new designwith Chinese elements, original three spellsynchronization embossed nonwoven paper peach-skin versions--of the ingenuity of the.
          The potters to simulation style with Chineseflavor, brick, wood, stone, chess ... ...Exquisite design, close to the real trend of the times advocate natural, rustic, exudes amellow years precipitated the leisurely, low-key luxury deduction to the extreme, let myfeelings and elegance blend with each other.
          Application novel unique and beyond past round network plant velvet process of peach skin velvet technology, in Germany imports no spinning end of paper Shang new used three spell Yuan wood lines restore and the synchronization relief simulation process, makes ingenuity products surface layer has novel elegant of appearance and dense comfortable of touch, texture realistic, structure uniform, natural ancient color, downs has caused, construction easy, fit perfectly seamless.
          The modern pursuit of returning to nature andthe intellectual life of the perfectcombination of technology, let the ingenuity ofthe appropriate space and extensive, whetherChinese, European classical, or modern mix,Garden, can highlight the taste inside, makeseyes at all times for me.