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        1. ABOUT FUJIA
          CONTACT US
          ADD:Qibang Fenggui Mountain Xinhui District Jiangmen Guangdong P.R.C
          Company introduction
          Your Location:Home ? About Us
          Founded in 2010, the registered capital of 10million Yuan, located in Xinhui district, Jiangmen city, Guangdong Province, Qi bangindustrial zone, convenient transportation,complete.
          Most of companies are in the early 90 's to join the wallpaper industry, wallpaper hasaccumulated over 20 years of development,production, and sales experience. 2010construction standardization workshop,introduction of advanced automatic production lines, the creation of "rich wall" brand.Wallpaper scale production enterprise ofGuangdong Province, has been successfullyintroduced 26 series wallpaper, successfulnationwide sales network.
          Wallpapers are decorative materials to beautifythe living environment, we always put productquality, environmental protection in the firstplace. Company of production management by ISO9001 international quality management system standard and 6S management specification run, training and has skilled stable of mechanic team, used environmental quality production material, precision control automation production equipment, focused on production process of process control and constantly improved, strictly implementation material and the finished of quality and the environmental sex of test, get "national green building materials energy-saving environmental products" title, guarantee consumers using to excellent high quality of rich Ka wallpaper. Productquality assurance, at the municipal, provincialand national levels quality supervision andchecks all the stability of the market toobtain "national quality steady eligibleproduct".
          We has been with on wallpaper years of love and deep understanding, seriously research and heart understand customer of real needs, to real of style for products development, grasp market pulse, sincere service customer, no those went on, and flashy of things, is customer does can let consumers accept, practical is strong of wallpaper, let dealer can long-term to, and practical to, and assured to do terminal development and user service. Get 2012-2013-"national distributors the mostrespected brand" and 2013-2014-"nationalwallpaper top brand" illustrates the identityof customers to our values and choices.
          Innovation is our praise for their team spirit!Our development team has designed and developedall professional qualifications, an average ageof 30 years old. Dynamic, creative ischaracteristic of our team. The samples of ourcompany will be very profound, not identical,Greenville, triumph and other manufacturerscopied object. With a love of the wallpaperindustry, we strive to provide customers withricher, more stylish, more personalizationoptions. We have participated in variousdomestic and international fairs, industryassociation activity, continuously introducingnew technology, continue to introduce newwallpapers of different styles, styles,materials, and create market demand, and theinternational trend of development of theindustry.
          Grandway people committed to wallpaper,research and development, services fromwallpaper available, efforts to beautify ourlives!

          Qibang Fenggui Mountain Xinhui District Jiangmen
          Guangdong P.R.C